MyTights: Your One Stop Christmas Shop


Lights glisten in the city streets, Christmas trees fill shops, and the sound of Christmas carols can be heard just about anywhere. Christmas is officially here! It is time to start thinking about stocking fillers, gifts for your loved ones, and the perfect holiday outfit. MyTights is your one stop holiday shop. Here are our top five favourite items from our Christmas Shop!

  1. Pretty Polly Snowflake Gift Box

    Pretty Polly Snowflake Gift Box

    Pretty Polly Snowflakes Tights are perfect for Christmas fun and can even be worn throughout the winter, once Christmas is over. These black tights with festive, glitter snowflakes that vary in size make it the perfect pair of tights to be worn with heels or boots. Give these tights a try and be the talk of the party!

  2. Country Kids Sparkly Footless Tights will
    Children's Footless Tights

    Children’s Footless Tights

    make your daughter shine at every holiday event! Coming in silver, black, and gold the possibilities are endless for little fashionistas. These are tights that she’ll love wearing and you will be happy to buy at an affordable price of £9.95. These tights are a must for every sparkle loving little girl this holiday season.

  3.  Pretty Polly Santa Socks are perfect for 10157-pretty-polly-santa-sockslazy, winter days or days just before       Christmas spent cooking and preparing for the festivities.  These socks are also perfect stuffing fillers and are sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is the lucky recipient. These socks are stylish, cute, comfy, and the perfect way to celebrate Christmas!
  4. Men can’t be forgotten about this Christmas! Happy Socks Men’s Christmas Gift Box is the perfect gift for the most important men in your
    Men's Happy Socks

    Men’s Happy Socks

    life. The box features three pairs of patterned, festive socks. Help get your favourite men in the holiday spirit this season with Happy Socks

  5. Pamela Mann Fairisle Printed Tights are a must have this holiday season. With bands of adorable reindeers and snowflakes, these fairisle-printed-tights_2opaque tights are a wonderful addition to a stylish winter wardrobe. Festive and cosy, these tights are sure to be a favourite this season.


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Q&A Session with Hosiery For Men!

We caught up with popular male hosiery blog ‘Hosiery For Men’ to get his thoughts on the world of male hosiery!

Why did you start wearing tights?

I first wore tights when I was asked to wear them for a school Shakespeare production when I was 14. I recall that they were opaque and dark green. I was amazed at how comfortable they were and unlike any clothing that I had worn previously.

I did feel that this was probably I should keep to myself at that stage, as I grew up at a time when if any boys were ‘different’ in any way at school they might be bullied..

But from that time on I became interested in wearing them more. I didn’t get that many opportunities when I was younger, but later on I started to buy pairs from myself. I experimented with different brands and styles (sheer, opaque, support etc) until I found what I liked.

It did feel somewhat lonely at first as in those days there were not many men wearing tights openly or admitting that they liked wearing them. Of course men wearing tights were visible in obvious places like theatre and dance, but not as a practical, every day item of clothing.

I think the breakthrough for me was in the early 1990s, when the upmarket tights brand Wolford made and marketed a style of black opaque tights for men. They called them ‘waist socks’, rather than tights (probably for marketing reasons). They got quite a lot of media coverage at the time and I actually remember going to the Wolford flagship store in Bond Street and trying to buy them but they didn’t yet have them in stock. I wish I had gone back as those tights are a very rare collector’s item now!

But with the internet, I have found that there were very large numbers of guys that were wearing tights and almost all the leading tights retailers, such as My Tights, were starting to cater for them.


Did it affect your confidence when you first started to wear them out?

Well, at first I was quite wary of sharing this preference with anyone, for fear of stigma etc. But actually those demons are just in one’s own head really. I have always worn them under trousers, and wear occasionally with shorts. Although I know there are some men who are very open about wearing them with shorts and this is also a look that many leading fashion designers have been developing.

I used to be worried that someone would notice, so used to always wear socks over them, Now I don’t bother if anybody notices whether I am wearing opaque tights or sheers.

I feel very confident wearing them now and in cold weather the feeling is wonderful. They seem to have this ability to warm the whole body.


What issues do you have when choosing tights for yourself, such as sizing, fit etc?

I have learned a great deal from buying different brands and styles, and also from testing the samples that I am sent for the Hosiery For Men blog that I write. Good quality sizing information is essential for men buying tights for themselves. We tend to be taller and of course have a different anatomy, particularly in certain areas! In general I look for tights that are available in a wider range of sizes and avoid one-size sizing as that almost always doesn’t work out well. I look for sizing that caters for 5’10″ and taller. Another key factor is whether the brief/panty has good depth – low-rise waists are not good for most men. They need tights that can comfortably stretch above the waist. Not all women’s brands do that. Plus size ranges often have good potential.

I particularly look for quality fabric and tights that are going to wear well and not ladder very easily, probably because we expect more wear from them, and we may not always handle them as carefully as women.

I also look at the Lycra/Elastane content in the fabric as that is a key factor in getting a good fit.


What styles and brands do you like?

I prefer the better quality and slightly more expensive brands. Basically when it comes to buying hosiery, you do get what you pay for. My preferences include Falke, Wolford, Aristoc and Cette. You pay a bit more for some of these brands but it’s worth it for the quality and how much wear you get from the tights.

Falke, in particular, are really superb. Every product they bring out seems to have been carefully designed and developed. The range of sizing is excellent and the XL sizes always fit me perfectly. They use premium yarns and their tights always make your legs feel amazing. I love their Pure Matt 100 tights in really cold weather. The Pure Matt 50 tights are also great when it is cool. The Falke Cotton Touch tights are another favourite of mine, as they are so comfortable and the fabric breathes well. The Falke Pure Matt 20 tights are a great premium sheer tight and seem to last for ever if you look after them.

Falke used to make men’s tights also. They know that their products are popular with men across Europe but I am convinced that they now design their ranges to be unisex.


Why are tights a good idea for guys as well as women? What advantages do they have for men?

Well tights were invented by men so they have never really not been a good idea for us. Firstly they are practical for keeping your legs warm and healthy. Secondly they can provide support for the legs and circulation for men who work outside or who work standing up for long periods. Tights are very beneficial for men with leg cramps or circulation problems. Finally, they simply feel great. I can’t see why only women should be able to enjoy the benefits of wearing tights.


How do you like to style your tights?

I like opaque tights more than anything in dark colours such as black, brown and blue. I don’t really have a style as such as I wear them under trousers and jeans. But I do try and match the shade with the shoes or boots, and trousers I am wearing. I quite like argyle, ribbed and diamond styles as well. Thick black opaque tights look just like socks unless they have a shine to them.

I also like sheer and semi-sheer tights when it’s not very cold. They feel great under trousers, especially if they have a slight sheen to them.


What have been your experiences when buying tights for yourself?

My experiences, to be honest, have only been positive. A couple of times, sales assistants have assumed that I was buying the tights for someone else until I told them they were for me! Occasionally that has been met with surprise, but usually people have been really professional and helpful. I think that is because it is less unusual than people might think. One of the best experiences I had was in Harrods in London, who have an extensive range of Falke hosiery. The assistant talked me through the range and based her recommendations on her expertise and experience. That was the first time I tried the Falke Pure Matt 100 tights.

Of course, it is easy to but tights online now. My Tights, for example, has a huge range of brands and styles to choose from. This makes it so much easier to choose what you need. The selection is much more extensive than any high street store can offer.

To me it’s been such a positive development that there is such a great selection of tights available online now. There always seem to be new styles and brands to try. From a quality perspective, tights now are the best they have ever been. With modern technology and great fabrics, it is much easier for men to find great quality tights with good fit. My advice is to go for quality brands and you won’t be disappointed.

Shop our tights for men before you leave!


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Grunge glam: Leather Look Leggings



The all black look has always been a favourite of ours – after all, you can never have enough black clothing, right?  Let’s be honest, black is the easiest colour to match with.  Just take a look at the Australian model Megan Gale as she makes the Sydney Airport her own personal runway.  Gale is seen showing off her long model legs in a pair of stunning black leather leggings.  Her look is completed by adding just a touch of colour with her bright pink lipstick. Want to walk down your own personal runway? Make it possible with our leather or black hosiery products!

For an affordable leather, rock chick look, check out Pamela Mann’s Leather Look Leggings.  Perfect for a grunge glam feel, these faux leather footless wonders go perfectly with any length blazer for a chic evening look, or you could dress down in the day with a chunky jumper dress.

spanxAlternatively, if you are looking for a product that ensures quality in every penny you spend, take a look at the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings.  These leggings grab the fashion kudos while eliminating body insecurities thanks to inbuilt shaping control, smoothing over the most common problem areas.  Worth every penny in our eyes!

Looking for something chic but not leather? The Wolford Satin Touch Tights are Wolford’s worldwide best-seller.  With their luxurious finish, they’re the perfect accessory to any autumn outfit.

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Men’s Tights – an Advice Guide!

At MyTights we get many enquires for men about wearing tights. We approached the blogger Hosiery For Men to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and he kindly put together this advice and guidance for our male customers!



What kinds of tights are best for men?

It’s really up to you! The breadth of styles these days is better than ever.

Just like women, men’s tastes differ and individuals will have their own preferences.

However, in general men prefer opaque tights. These are thicker, warmer and more robust than sheer or semi-sheer tights. They will also generally last longer and perhaps survive the greater amount of wear than men might expect from them.

Opaque tights also tend to most popular as they provide insulation and warmth. That is one of the main reasons men wear tights; especially men working outdoors or taking part in outdoor activities.

When worn under trousers some opaque tights look just like socks, and that is perhaps an advantage for those men who might be a bit worried that someone could tell they are wearing tights.


How can I get tights that will fit me?

Men will generally need larger sizes that fit taller people. It is essential to pay close attention to the sizing information provided, and check the height information in particular.

Key factors for men will be the leg length and a brief that has plenty of depth. You should also look for tights that have a good percentage of Lycra/Elastane – this is a type of yarn that provides stretch and also ensure that the tights fit closely and mould themselves comfortably to your legs.

One-size tights are not usually a good option for men. Plus size ranges are however worth looking at.

In general, better quality and more expensive brands provide a better range of sizes and good quality features. I would recommend brands such as Falke and Wolford in particular as many men have provided such good feedback about their fit and quality.


How do I put tights on?

It goes without saying that tights are, in general, more delicate than socks. They need to be handled carefully. It is best to keep nails trimmed, and special hosiery gloves can also be useful.

If you are wearing them for the first time these are useful steps to follow:


1. Sit down on a chair or your bed.

2. Roll the tights down to the toe on one leg, and then pull them carefully over the toe and heel. Repeat this for the other foot.

3. Now pull up each leg – equally stretched – up to over the knees.

4. Now standing up, pull the tights up carefully and evenly up to the crotch.

5. Finally pull the tights up over the waist


Are there tights made specifically for men?

Yes, there are tights made for men as well as unisex tights. The range of men’s tights has expanded greatly in recent years and more manufacturers are designing and marketing men’s tights as part of their product range.


Is it okay for men to wear women’s tights?

Yes, of course. The quality and sizing options in many brands of women’s tights has improved greatly and many men are happy to buy tights made for women when they know the quality and fit will be right.

Many manufacturers are aware that their tights are popular with men and ensure that their sizing choices are more generous.

Don’t be put off by packaging that is aimed at women. It’s the quality of the tights that counts.


How should I wash my tights?

Some people wash their tights after every wear. But it’s okay to wear them a few times and then wash them if that suits.

The important thing is to wash them with care and not damage them.

The best way is to wash by hand. Take your tights, turn them inside out and soak them in a sink or bowl of lukewarm water. Add a small amount of laundry detergent; the best kind is the type made for delicates or for hand washing.

Let the tights soak for half an hour to an hour. Now rinse and rinse again with cool or cold water until there are no more suds.

Squeeze them gently to remove water. Do not wring them dry as this can damage the tights.

Hang them to dry in your shower. Don’t put them on top of a hot radiator or in the spin dryer as this can also damage the yarns in the tights.

You can also wash tights in the washing machine. If you do this you will need to place them in a special hosiery bag. Make sure also that you wash them on a delicates cycle at a low temperature.

You can find the Hosiery For men blog  here, or alternatively on Twitter!



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Work spotty tights – just like Zooey Deschanel!

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel has long been one of our favourite celebrities here at MyTights HQ. Fun, quirky and with an individual sense of style to be proud of, the actress stepped out looking gorgeous just THREE months after the birth of her daughter Elsie. Teaming a sparkly off the shoulder black dress with heels, the star of her outfit were her black spotty tights! Being the style icon that she is, it comes as no surprise that she’s jumped on board this season’s hottest legwear trend. Love her look? You might just find the perfect pair for you in our spotty collection…

Oroblu Adelle Tights

Oroblu Adelle Tights

For a classic spotty look, head to the Oroblu Adelle Tights, with their dainty polkadots and range of colours. Great in that they can bridge the gap between the office and the bar, they’re also excellent quality, so are a great buy for any budding fashionistas. If you’re after something a little more glam, the Pamela Mann Sparkly Gold Spot Tights could be for you, covered in tiny gold studs against a black sheer leg.

Mixing spots with a subtle geometric print are the Charnos Geo Spot Tights (as the name would suggest!) Ideal for creating a statement look, they come in black and nude and look great with plainer outfits. Or if you love spots but rarely wear tights, make a beeline for the Charnos Spot & Diamond Knee Highs (2pp) with one pair of dotty socks that look great worn beneath party dresses.

Nothing for you? Our full range of spotty styles can be found here…

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The Million Dollar Question?



I don’t know about you but once the cold weather rolls around I am often asking myself as well as friends, when is it acceptable to start wearing black tights?  My fear is that once the black tights come out, the warm weather is finished. And it seems we’re not the only ones who ask ourselves the same question, with a recent article in The Guardian discussing the million dollar question at length. In fact, the topic of wearing black tights is so contested that it brings realms of class, money and age in to the mix!  It claims that many women choose to go barelegged because it resembles a youthful look; a  luxury that illustrates you have the funds to provide warm, private transportation.  But come on: bare leg tights in the height of January? It’s time to start embracing black opaques for what they are: a) fashion staples and b) WARM! Want to try some out? Take a look at the top 5 black opaques at MyTights!

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

  1. The Falke Warm Deluxe Tights are a great option for a chilly day.  These thermal tights are made using 400 needles, designed to conserve heat, and offer great value for your money.
  2. Smooth over your body insecurities in an instant with the Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights, using a medium level control top.
  3. Looking for tights for the upcoming holidays? The Pretty Polly 100D Velvet Opaque Tights are a true treat for the legs.
  4. The Aristoc 50D Opaque Tights  are a reasonable price, high quality product for every day wear.  They’re the ideal accompaniment to your work wardrobe!
  5. Looking for something to keep you snuggly and warm on a cold day? The Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights are opaque with ultra-thick fleece lining guaranteed to keep you cosy!


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Lilo in semi-opaques!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan


It’s rare that Lindsay Lohan features anywhere but the fashion hall of shame, but that all changed this week when the actress come socialite stepped out in this gorgeous autumn ensemble. Teaming heeled boots with a floral shirt dress, the 29 year old brought her look together with a pair of classic semi-opaque tights. At this time of year, semi-opaques are the perfect choice – snug enough to keep you warm, but not thick enough to leave you melting on the warmer autumn days. It’s the perfect compromise! Need to stock up? Check out the top 5 semi opaques at MyTights!

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

1. The Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights are a great everyday option, these 30 denier tights will show through a slight glimpse of skin, and are durable enough to last all season long. Value for money – check!

2. After a helping hand? Check out the Falke Leg Energiser 30D Tights, giving pins a chic autumnal look, but with strong compression to boost circulation and leave your legs feeling altogether fresher.

3.Virtually indestructible and with an elegant sheen, no hosiery capsule is complete without a pair of the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights – choose between 7 gorgeous shades!

4. Looking to cover over imperfections? The Wolford Neon 40 Tights are perfect for you, with a high shine finish ideal for evening events, and made in 7 on trend colours. Worth every penny!

5. Smooth over your tummy and look chic in the process with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights, using light control to gently streamline your shape.

Keep it up, Lilo!


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Falke Leg Aesthetics: A Guide

Falke Shaping Panty 15D Tights

Falke Shaping Panty 15D Tights

Between slogging away at your desk, the school run, or spending what feels like an eternity standing on the tube, there’s rarely any time to look after number one. Cue the amazing Leg Aesthetics range from German brand Falke, all of which are designed to make day to day life that little bit easier. The range is split into three different collections: Shaping, made with clever control tops to iron out lumps and bumps; Vitalizer, employing medium strength compression to eradicate tired pins; and Energizer, again helping to combat lethargic legs but offering a stronger compression factor. But as with other ‘techy tights’, it can be difficult to know what all the jargon means, so I thought it would be useful to round up the ranges and make it crystal clear what each collection can offer you.


Giving your figure a defined shape and smoothing out problem zones, the Shaping range benefits from invisible shaping effect tops, discreetly flattening the stomach whilst ironing out your hips. Working alongside the shaping top, you’ll also find a shaping effect panty that targets the bottom and thighs. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a shaping effect might be uncomfortable and give you that dreaded ‘squeezing’ feeling, but fret not, for Falke have ensured all-day comfort thanks to innovative materials that caress the leg without constricting it. If you’re a fan of sheer tights, check out the Falke Shaping Panty 15D Tights, opting for the 20D alternative if you’re after something a little thicker. Or if you’re ready to wrap up warm and embrace the winter, the Shaping Panty 50D Tights are for you, keeping you snug without being thick enough to leave you melting once you reach the safety of the office!


Next up is the Vitalizer range, which is brilliant if you often find yourself cursing your aching legs come the end of the day. This collection uses a medium strength pressure distribution, so is a great place to start if you have relatively little experience in wearing support tights. The magic works by applying gentle pressure to the legs, which in turn sends blood pumping around your arteries and veins to prevent legs from feeling heavy and tired. Leaving your legs full of vitality, they’re perfect for anyone who regularly embarks on long haul journeys, as well as anyone who spends long periods of time stationary or on your feet. Oh, and they’ve also thrown in a shaping effect for good measure! If it’s sheer tights you prefer, the Vitalizer 20D Tights should be your port of call. For something a little more cosy, take a look at the 40D alternative. But don’t worry about missing out if you’re not a fan of wearing tights altogether, the Vitalizer 20D Knee Highs offer the same benefits and can be worn beneath work trousers or jeans!


Falke Leg Energizer 50D Knee Highs


If you’re accustomed to wearing support hosiery and require a stronger control factor, this is where the Energizer range comes into its own. With an added impact of arteries and veins, the range will actively energize and stimulate your legs, increasing your mobility and benefitting from a shaping effect for slender looking legs. Again, Falke have catered for every preference, with two pairs of tights, one in a 30D and the other in a 50D depending on the weather, as well as two pairs of knee high socks (predictably also in a 30D and 50D).

Chic, functional and leaving your legs looking great from the inside out – what are you waiting for?

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How NOT to wear hold ups!

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

While this blog usually celebrates the style choices of the rich and famous, this week we’re giving you all a lesson in how NOT to wear hosiery. Case in point: model and ex girlfriend of Kanye West, Amber Rose, who paired her nude hold ups with an extremely risqué black satin lace dress. From top to bottom, the look just didn’t do anything for us! That said, hold ups are a great choice for those of you who often overheat in tights, and it just so happens we have an incredible selection for you to choose from. With the winter fast approaching, we’ve rounded up the very best opaque hold ups on the market.

For everyday wear, the Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Hold Ups are a fab choice. Leaving change leftover from a tenner and available in two shades, these 50 denier hold ups will keep your legs snug in the autumn, and come with lace tops to add a little elegance to your day to day looks. If you like these but are after something with more durability, head to the Pure Matt 50D Hold Ups from German brand Falke. Offering a classic matte finish and with generous 6.5cm tops, they’ll stand the test of time and work across all occasions.

Trasparenze Miranda 70D Hols Ups

Trasparenze Miranda 70D Hols Ups

When the weather becomes particularly unsavoury, you’ll want to wrap up warm – namely with the Trasparenze Miranda 70D Hold Ups, available in an array of shades and with reinforcement at the toe to remain in pristine condition. Luxury seeker? The Wolford Fatal 80 Seamless Stay Ups are for you, made without any seams to remain hidden beneath figure hugging outfits. What’s more, they’re typically Wolford – super soft to touch and oozing quality. Last but not least something for the party goers with the Charnos Lurex Opaque Backseam Hold Ups, which combine a classic 50 denier leg with sparkly jewelled backseam to add a flourish of glamour.

Amber Rose… never again!

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The perfect tights formula?

Is it too cold for sheers? Or will I be chilly come the evening? Maybe I should pack a spare pair of opaques in my bag just in case? Sound familiar? Knowing what to wear on your legs depending on the weather is the age old fashion dilemma, but one Nottingham based scientist thinks he’s cracked it when it comes to choosing the perfect pair.

Dr James Hind, a researcher at Nottingham Trent University has devised a (quite frankly confusing) formula as to the most suitable thickness to wear in differing weather conditions. Stemming from his time wearing tights as part of a Robin Hood production, the scientist undertook a study monitoring wind speed and temperature to provide the following equation…



Hmm, we’re sure what Dr Hind is saying makes perfect sense to him, but it doesn’t account for the fact that British weather can switch between all four seasons in any given day! We do agree with some of his sentiments though, namely that thick opaque tights are perfect for the winter months… although wasn’t that obvious anyway?

Want to put his calculations to the test? Shop our whole range of tights before you head off >

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