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Extra Tall Hosiery

If you are a bit on the tall side or have longer legs than the average person, we know that it can be really frustrating to find tall hosiery that is comfortable and stay up all day long. That's why we have selected a wide range of tall pantyhose along with thigh highs and more available in tall sizes.

Take a look at all our extra tall pantyhose and tights to help you dress those beautiful long legs of yours. From extra tall stockings to pantyhose and thigh highs, the collection below has just about everything you need.

Luckily, at Alex Blake we understand your frustration and have a great selection of extra tall pantyhose, stockings and more that should make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you need some more specialist hosiery, perhaps to support those long legs all day, try our selection of support hosiery. For more sizing options browse our queen size hosiery.

55 items

55 items