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Opaque tights are a style essential, whether you go mega-opaque or semi-opaque, classic black or patterned, opaque tights will complete your look. Unlike traditional sheer pantyhose, opaque tights can completely change the look of your dress. In the winter months try something super thick like wool tights.

Opaque tights have been spotted all over the runway this season and look great with skirts, dresses or even a pair of denim shorts! Classic black tights are a must but try something new from Alex Blake with the bold range of color and patterns we have to offer, the brighter the better! Red tights and electric blue tights are our favorites!

HOT TIP : Colored tights are a guaranteed way to spice up your wardrobe and are a constant runway trend. Use our guided navigation on the left-hand side to find your perfect colored opaques.

109 items

109 items