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Toes: What’s The Difference?

Did you know that there are several types of ‘toes’ to choose from when shopping for hosiery including; sheer, sandal, reinforced and open? We also discovered that different brands often used these (and other) terms in a variety of ways making it even more confusing.

Therefore to make things easier for you we have examined every product that we sell at AlexBlake and have described all toes consistently! So you will know exactly what you are buying when you order from AlexBlake. Here we have explained exactly what we mean by sheer, sandal, reinforced and open toe.

Please note, each one of our terms apply for all deniers, whether it be a pair of ultra sheers or mega thick opaque tights a "sheer toe", for example, will always refer to a toe that uses the same thickness, rather than the toes being sheer.

Sheer Toe

Sheer toe means that the fabric will be the same thickness all the way over the leg, foot and toe. This is typical with most ultra sheer products. Sheer toes are fantastic worn with strappy sandals as there’s no change whatsoever in fabric around the toe area, however, this does mean that the fabric will be more delicate, especially in extremely low deniers.

Sandal Toe

With sandal toes, the fabric around the toe will be the same as the foot but the weave will be slightly stronger on the toe – you should be able to see a very faint line on the toe where the weave changes. Sandal toes are perfect worn with open-toe shoes. You can also choose to wear them with strappy sandals but the change in weave may be ever so slightly visible.

Open Toes

How did we survive without open toes! With a normal sheer leg to even our any blemishes and enhance your skin tone, open toe tights have a thick seam just above the toes where the sheer fabric ends. A great option if you want to show off your colorfully-painted toenails.

View all our products with open toes.

Reinforced Toe

Reinforced toes are more traditional. As you can see from the image, the weave is much thicker and stronger on the toe. Both the weave and the denier are different from the rest of the leg. The stronger weave makes these toes far stronger and durable than sheer or sandal – obviously they can’t be worn with strappy sandals!

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