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Briefs Explained

Women’s tights have various different briefs including sheer to waist, boxer brief and V line brief. If you’re not too sure what each one will look like, or if it will show when wearing a short skirt, take a look at our useful guide to briefs.

Sheer to Waist

Sheer to waist tights are perfect if you’re planning on wearing a short dress or skirt. This is because the construction of the leg and the brief area is the same denier (thickness) all the way from the toes to the waistline.

No matter if a product is 5 denier or 40 denier, if we call it sheer to waist then that means that the fabric has the same denier and weave along the entire leg, right up to the waist. Read our Deniers guide for more information on the different thickness of tights available.

V Line Brief

Like a boxer briefs, V line briefs are constructed with a higher denier around the waist area, however the brief is in V-line rather than boxer shaped similar to a pair of regular knickers. This brief is ideal if you want something that is slightly more elegant than boxer briefs, while having more cover in the brief area.

Boxer Brief

When tights have a boxer brief, then the leg is of one denier (thickness) and the brief area is of a higher (thicker) denier. The area of a higher denier goes from the waistband and finishes in a straight line across the top of the thighs - which looks a bit like wearing a pair of boxer shorts. This change in weave makes the tights more durable, however, boxer briefs may not be ideal if you’re planning on wearing a short skirt – especially if you were to have Marilyn Monroe moment!

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