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Whether you want to be whimsical or sexy, these versatile hearts tights work perfectly for both types of looks. We have cute tights with large colorful hearts and sexier heart tights with tiny hearts in conservative colors. Style suggestions for the cute tights are to wear them with a flirty sundress and flats or have them balance a tough outfit of black and studded accessories, while the sexier heart print tights can complete both a work outfit and a date night outfit.

Similar styles of tights include our diamond and floral tights, but all of our patterns and prints hosiery will complete your look!

11 items

  • Pamela Mann Sheer Hearts
    Pamela Mann Sheer Hearts
    Sheer: 10 Denier
    Slight Sheen Finish
    Reinforced Toe
    Boxer Brief

  • Trasparenze Cruise Hold Ups
    Trasparenze Cruise Hold Ups
    20 Denier
    Matte Finish
    Sheer Toe
    4cm Plain Tops
    Silicone Band
    Cosmetic (C) Cruise
    Nero (C) (Cruise)

    Regular Price: $25.50

    Special Price: $16.58

  • Trasparenze Travel Tights
    Trasparenze Travel Tights
    15 Denier
    Slight Sheen Finish
    Reinforced Toe
    Sheer to Waist Brief
    Cosmetic (A) Travel
    Nero (A) Travel

    Regular Price: $22.50

    Special Price: $11.25

11 items