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Donna Karan

The most sensual hosiery ever. Donna Karan pantyhose and stockings embrace all that is feminine - romancing the senses with luxury and pure indulgence. Sophisticated. Seductive. Sensational.

It's hard to believe that Donna Karan only established her eponymous company in 1984. How did our legs survive before that? The Donna Karan brand represents the New York lifestyle, combining modern styling with luxury and comfort. Donna Karan hosiery applies the highest standards of innovation, design and quality. We offer a variety of Donna Karan pantyhose, from 'The Nudes' collection, which is perfect for a natural look, to the elegant 'Signature' collection. Also available from Donna Karan body are body shapers which will shape, tone and smooth your figure.

If you like Donna Karan hosiery, the take a look at the DKNY range too, for Donna Karan's casual collection. Or for similar hosiery brands try Givenchy.

Donna Karan Hosiery Collections:

Donna Karan Body Perfect - Donna Karan The Nudes - Donna Karan Signature Collection

10 items

10 items